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Nail Care


Dazzle Dry Manicure                                          $50   

Shape nails, soak, groom cuticles, massage & finish with your favorite hue.


Gel Manicure                                                       $50   

Shape nails, soak & groom cuticles, massage & finish with your favorite gel color.

No charge for removal with reapplication.             15 min


Dip Nails                                                                 $65  

Shape nails, groom cuticles, apply dip powder.


Gel X                                                                        $80  

Shape, groom cuticles, tips & polish.

Gel X Removal with reapplication                           $20   

Gel X Removal Only                                                $25                              

Gel X Fill                                                                  $70  

Shape, groom cuticles, fill in growth & polish.


Gel Polish Change Only                                          $40   Includes filing of the natural nail. Polish



ala carte`

The following may be added to any nail care service

Gel Polish French                                                $10   add'l

Dazzle Dry French                                               $15  add'l


Gel Polish Removal Only                                    $15  add'l

Dip Removal Only                                               $25   add'l

Gel X Removal Only                                           $25   add'l

Gel X Removal (with a nail service)                    $20  add'l

Acrylic Removal Only                                         $25  add'l


Nail Art                                                                 $5per nail

Paraffin                                                                 $15  add'l



Express Pedicure                                                    

with Dazzle Dry Polish                                          $55    

with Gel Polish                                                                     $60    

Perfect for on the go! Includes whirlpool spa, nail & cuticle care, massage & polish.

Traditional Pedicure                                               

with Dazzle Dry Polish                                           $65   

with Gel Polish                                                        $73   

Relax while the therapeutic whirlpool spa refreshes tired, aching feet. Includes complete nail care, exfoliation, massage, polish.

Spa Pedicure                                                            

with Dazzle Dry Polish                                           $75   

with Gel Polish                                                        $83   

This pedicure is the deluxe spa treatment for your feet. Begin your service by selecting your scent of choice. You will be swept away by soaking in our calming foot bath, followed by complete maintenance of nails, cuticles, and heels. Your technician will exfoliate from the lower leg to the soles of your feet using a gentle foot scrub formulated with the finest ingredients. Next, your feet will be enveloped in a warm mask wrapped in steamed towels. A soothing foot massage concludes this decadent treatment. Polish.

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